The Communist party will compete with “United Russia” with the program “people’s-Patriotic forces”

The Communist party will compete with “United Russia” with the program “people’s-Patriotic forces”

MOSCOW, February 9. The Communist party expects that the “national-Patriotic forces” on a conclusion of Russia from crisis will compete with the program of United Russia during the election campaign to the state Duma. This was stated to journalists by the leader of Communist party Gennady Zyuganov.

“We believe that today is the moment of truth, it is extremely important that the party in power sat to the direct dialogue with national-Patriotic forces that were on channels television organized a debate and straight to formally take up the program of the ruling party and our people’s Patriotic forces,” he said. Zyuganov stressed that “critical elections, then there will be a rivalry teams and programs, and not a game in the primaries”.

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The Communist leader added that the Communists 10-12 February will hold in Orel economic forum, which “will consider the program of the popular-Patriotic forces in the country out of the economic crisis”.

Zyuganov noted that the global crisis of 2008 affected Russia, and then “instead of float, recent years have pobarahtavshis and last year once again failed to such an extent that they have become Champions on key indicators”. “There is a surefire way out of this situation is a center – left turn, the course and the program after the default implemented (Yevgeny) Primakov (Yuri) and Maslyukov (Viktor) Gerashchenko,” said the MP.

First Deputy Chairman of the CPRF faction in the state Duma Vladimir Kashin told the journalists about the program of the Communists for the crisis. He recalled that the revenue part of today’s Federal budget amounts to 13.7 trillion rubles, expenses – 16 trillion. “We see that this money is not enough for education, health, the development of industry and agriculture,” he said. Kashin said that the Communist party formulated the parameters of the budget reserves that we have today. “Even this small budget is 26.5 trillion foreign exchange reserve Fund, there are 9 trillion in the reserve Fund and the welfare Fund, there are 22 trillion of savings of our people,” he said.

In addition, some funds can be obtained on a budget, if adopted some of the bills of the Communist party, in particular, on the progressive tax, the monopoly on tobacco and alcohol, say the Communists. In total, according to the calculations of the Communists, can be found in the order of 65 trillion. The party has developed an indicative budget for 2018, the amount of which amounted to 20.9 trillion rubles, said the MP.

“Who will win will be determined by voter”

The leader of the Communist party also accused the “United Russia” in “helplessness” and “bragging rights”. In such terms he commented on the results of the first stage of pre-election party Congress, held in Moscow on 5-6 February. “I have carefully watched the progress of this Congress. I was struck by two things. The first is the helplessness when there is no honest assessment of what occurs when the apparent phenomena. Second, there is the bragging rights: yay, we all failed, we try to win,” said Zyuganov journalists.

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According to the leader of the Communists, United Russia “is obliged first of all to report and then to present the programme and to enter the dialogue.” “And who will win will be determined by the voters”, – said Zyuganov.

He noted that, “if the current financial and economic situation will start to be implemented the principle of “still wins the ruling party”, the country won’t believe”. “I would not advise the authorities to cheat. If people can not improve their position by Bulletin, then you open that door, where extremism”, – he stressed. Zyuganov also said that the Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about the need to hold fair elections, which would have people believe.

On 18 September the election of deputies of the state Duma. In addition, in six regions the residents will elect governors in 38 deputies of legislative Assembly.