The Deputy Chairman of the CEC: verify information on accounts and securities of the candidates will become bigger

The Deputy Chairman of the CEC: verify information on accounts and securities of the candidates will become bigger

MOSCOW, February 9. Amendments to the legislation, allowing to check the information about the accounts, Bank deposits and securities of all candidates for elected positions take effect on Tuesday.

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Modifications to the laws “On basic guarantees of electoral rights”, “On banks and banking activity”, “On securities market” and other Amendments were adopted by the state Duma and the Federation Council approved it in July of last year.

According to the Chairman of the CEC of the Russian Federation Stanislav Vavilov, this legislative innovation is an important step towards ensuring the transparency of the electoral process. “The fact that earlier Supervisory authorities can check the accuracy of only the information that is provided by the candidate himself. Now we have the opportunity to identify all securities and deposits have a candidate for an elective office (in cases stipulated by law, are also examined information in respect of a spouse and minor children)”, – he explained.

Vavilov has told that in parallel with the preparation of the draft law, the Central Bank in consultation with the CEC developed a temporary procedure of inspection of securities of the candidates in the election campaigns of 2015. In “test mode” in the elections to bodies of state power of the subjects in 2015 verified information, 20 thousand candidates.

“This year will be the constant order in which validated information on securities and deposits (accounts) of all the candidates, and that several hundred thousand people, with the participation of all user institutions and credit organizations”, – said Deputy Chairman of the CEC.

So, before elections to the Duma and regional elections, which will be held on 18 September, the candidates will have to submit to election commissions the information on income for the year, data on real estate and vehicles, information on accounts and deposits, shares and other securities. Reliability financial information will be checked through queries to the CEC and regional election commissions in a credit institution, the holders of the register of shareholders and custodians.