Head ARB: assistance should be provided only to disadvantaged borrowers currency

Head ARB: assistance should be provided only to disadvantaged borrowers currency

MOSCOW, February 10. Currency borrowers do not have to solve the problem of the fall of the ruble with the help of rallies is pointless, because it requires the abandonment of the Treaty system. The assistance must be provided, but only for disadvantaged borrowers, said the radio station “Russian news service” the President of the Association of Russian banks (ARB) Garegin Tosunyan.

“Who is not, a second home, to leave people on the street, they need to be defended. But you should protect not by shifting the blame on others, and through bilateral negotiations or by state support programme”, he said and added: “But it’s not to the Central Bank and the government, the legislator”.

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Tosunyan believes that it is meaningless to hold a meeting about this, especially “to demand that all banks without exception all was forgiven or assumed half a jump currency, to require the state to compensate it all”. “Then we should abolish the contractual forms of lending, because a contract means nothing”, he said.

According to head ARB, many banks compromise, given the circumstances. “On the street to live. One of the programs offered by the Bank: if he takes the housing, at a nominal price leases the same apartment for three years, and then, if you want to buy, credit. In this sense, the legislator can intervene and say: let us support the disadvantaged group, because many currency mortgage is a second, third, fourth homes, it is also not necessary to close your eyes” – said Tosunyan, noting that borrowers were informed about the risks associated with exchange rate differences.

Earlier it became known that the CBR intends to consult with the banks on the situation of foreign currency mortgage borrowers. We can talk about socially disadvantaged borrowers. Banks are interested in the public perception of the Bank as a humane institution, declared to journalists the first Deputy Chairman of Bank of Russia Alexey Simanovsky.