Lavrov: NATO cannot exist without the myth of “Russian threat”

Lavrov: NATO cannot exist without the myth of “Russian threat”

MOSCOW, February 10. Inflating the myth about the “Russian threat” necessary to justify the existence of NATO. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov in interview to the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

“NATO is responsible for their area and, as recorded in the Washington Treaty, provides collective defense against attack, he said. – But then sit in their borders, and no you not going to touch. They are something this is not enough, because the existence of military-political bloc loses its meaning”.

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The head of the Russian foreign Ministry drew attention to the futility of attempts of the Alliance to find the meaning of his existence, lost after the collapse of the Warsaw Pact. The operation in Afghanistan in these searches have not helped. It failed, and now the situation in the country rapidly deteriorate – “terrorism has become more, in dozens of times increased drug traffic”.

“Now in Crimea and Syria came the so-called Russian threat,” said Lavrov. – It has been actively exploited in order to explain the continued existence of this Organization”.

According to him, due to the artificial injection of fear out of the blue and “Russian threat” the Alliance is trying to develop a geopolitical space closer to the borders of Russia, contrary to previous promises and commitments. “We see all these things, – the Minister added. They all understand it, but pretend to be naive, including on missile defense, which, along with the expansion of NATO is a destabilizing factor for global stability and violates the global parities”.

Touching the irritated reaction of Moscow to the invitation of Montenegro to join NATO, Lavrov said: “We have responded not to the desire of Montenegro, and I would not say that it was nervously. We were convinced, like everybody has decided that it is an artificial solution, there is no security that the NATO will not add”. Yes and Montenegrin people, he believes, is unlikely to forget the NATO bombing and “hardly with enthusiasm will apprehend the idea of his leadership “to hide many of the wiser” by joining NATO.”

“It’s not in Montenegro, said the head of the Russian depodesta, and how NATO relates not just to the development of relations with Russia, but to global security”.

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Author: TSYGANOV, Alexander