Peskov confirmed that Putin will hold this year the traditional “Straight line”

Peskov confirmed that Putin will hold this year the traditional “Straight line”

MOSCOW, February 10. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Putin will hold this year the traditional “Straight line”. According to the representative of the Kremlin, this time in the program will be new presenters and some other innovations, but “the essence of the event will not change”.

“ICQ will not be engaged”

“Indeed, “Straight line” is being prepared, the exact date we traditionally declare more to the point, traditionally during the week will be collected the questions”, – told reporters Sands. According to him, “will involve different formats of collecting information, but ICQ will not be engaged”. “It is incorrect information that was published in a Russian newspaper,” – said the press Secretary of the head of state.

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How was the “Direct line with Vladimir Putin”

On Wednesday the newspaper “Kommersant” reported that “Straight line” is scheduled for April 14, and for collection appeals to Putin to use including instant messenger ICQ.

Peskov stressed that “a Straight line in 2016” “there are certain innovations: are new presenters”. However, the representative of the Kremlin has refused to name them.
“In any case, the work (in preparation for the “Straight line”), the essence of the event remains the same: the President is fully immersed in the concerns of citizens, and plunges not through statistical files, not through the reports of ministries and agencies involved in appeals, complaints and letters to these people, many thousands”, – said Peskov. In his view, Putin “thus gets a complete picture of how things are in different regions”.

Fourteenth dialogue

The current dialogue of the President with the Russians will be the fourteenth. In recent years, the main Studio, where Putin and invited guests, located in Gostiny Dvor near the Kremlin. During the collection of references to the President in 2015, has received over two million questions. The record “Straight line” was set in 2013, when Putin answered questions 4 hours 48 minutes. Last year, Putin answered 90 questions in three hours 55 minutes.