The head of the Council of veterans of the Ministry of foreign Affairs: the history of Russia was always taught to achieve goals through diplomacy

The head of the Council of veterans of the Ministry of foreign Affairs: the history of Russia was always taught to achieve goals through diplomacy

MOSCOW, February 10. Tradition of educating Russian diplomacy is due to geopolitical situation: Russia is always “aroused the appetites” of other States and had to defend myself. This opinion was expressed in an interview with the Chairman of the Council of veterans of the Russian foreign Ministry Vladimir Kazimirov.

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“Historically, Russia is a large country, independent from the benevolence of other Nations, said famous diplomat. – It is traditionally called “appetite” on the part of other States”. “No wonder it always set up the Russian leadership primarily on the military combat capability, on the other hand – the education of our diplomacy, said Kazimirov. Of course, the story itself taught that it is better to achieve their goals without bloodshed through diplomacy.”

In an interview with the diplomat told about the brightest moments in his career. “It so happened that in 1972 I became the first Ambassador in Central America until Northern neighbor did not encourage the emergence (in the region – approx.) Soviet embassies: the region was “under the boot” of Washington, and we there is not much waiting, – says Kazimirov. – So the Embassy that we opened in Costa Rica in 1972, was the first Embassy of the USSR in Central America”.

Over the years he was Ambassador of the USSR in Costa Rica, Venezuela, was led by the First Latin American Department of the foreign Ministry, served as Ambassador to Angola, was Plenipotentiary representative of RF President on Nagorno-Karabakh and co-chair of the OSCE Minsk group, and then again headed the Russian Embassy in Costa Rica and Guatemala concurrently. Speaking about his career, the veteran said that he was on the path of diplomacy by accident. “In high school I was more interested in mathematics and physics, he said. But just a week before the entrance exams, I learned that there is such MGIMO, and that the exams will be held earlier than in other institutes. Decided to try it. In the end, unexpectedly for himself, was among the best number of points”.

In diplomatic worker’s day, celebrated Tuesday, veteran Russian diplomacy together with the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov took part in the ceremony of laying wreaths at the Central building of the Russian foreign Ministry at the memorial boards to the staff of the foreign Ministry who fell in the great Patriotic war who died during the Stalinist repressions, and in the line of duty.

“The veterans Council celebrates this date is particularly sensitive, because this to us is a professional holiday, said Kazimirov. – It is important that society raises the awareness that diplomacy is the front edge of protecting the interests of our state and constructive of the formation and development of relations with other countries and peoples.”