The prosecution of the Russian Federation in breach of the Budapest Memorandum is a dirty game, said Lavrov

The prosecution of the Russian Federation in breach of the Budapest Memorandum is a dirty game, said Lavrov

MOSCOW, February 10. The accusations against the Russian Federation in breach of the Budapest Memorandum provide an example of a dishonest game, contained in document a commitment to comply with OSCE principles violated by those who made the coup in Kiev. This was stated by Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov in interview to the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

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“Indeed, we have said that the only specific commitment in the Memorandum was the fact that Russia, the US and the UK will not apply against Ukraine’s nuclear weapons. Lies (from Russia – approx. ed), they say, is that we said nothing about another obligation which is allegedly there, but there is simply States that all participants of the Memorandum will continue to be guided by the principles of the OSCE, including those concerning territorial integrity, sovereignty, non-interference in internal Affairs. Russia, they say, has violated these principles, and the foreign Ministry about this and even lied that Russia has fulfilled all the Budapest Memorandum,” the Minister reminded the essence of the accusations against the Russian Federation.

“OSCE principles and never allowed to carry out coups, forbidden to encroach on national and linguistic minorities, – said Lavrov. – So these principles have been flagrantly violated by the coup perpetrators of a coup in Ukraine.”

USA are set to achieve a settlement in Ukraine in 2016

Lavrov also said that Russia’s contacts with representatives of the US administration show that they are determined to achieve real results in resolving the crisis in Ukraine in 2016.

“Our fellowship in the American administration with those responsible for Ukrainian politics, still shows that they would like to achieve real results this year, he said. Perhaps the main motive is the need to present something to the public upon completion of the term of Barack Obama as President of the United States.”

According to the Minister, the influence of the United States could have an important role in the implementation of the agreements on the settlement of the conflict. “Ukraine is not going to fulfill Minsk agreement, if it does not make for real, and it can only be done by the Americans,” he said.

Lavrov indicated that in Washington there are defenders, and other approaches. “I’m not a supporter of conspiracy theories, but there are some confirming the theory the facts that someone in Washington would, as they expressed themselves in informal discussions in private, to force Russia to fight on two fronts, he said. – To not decrease the tensions in Ukraine, in Donbass, there is constantly flashed “hot” phase of the crisis, so that we were distracted by the crisis much more than in the period of the ceasefire, and to us life in Syria honey did not seem”.

Ukraine puts forward ultimatums

According to Lavrov, Ukraine in negotiations on crisis settlement in the Southeast of the country passed to language of ultimatums and Europe are beginning to understand this.

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“We are ready for flexibility, and our partners know about it, he said. – But Ukraine requires almost run ultimatums: first, the Donbass is gone everybody who somehow affect this situation to the Donbass, in fact, laid down their arms, and only after that they will think whether to give some decentralized authority to otremontirovat whether the Constitution – this puts all the Minsk agreements “with upside down”.

The head of the Russian foreign Ministry noted that the understanding of realities grows in Europe, including in Germany and France, which are in contact with representatives of Ukraine within the Normandy format, the Americans, too, in words expressing commitment to resolving the crisis.

“I regularly discuss it with U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry, in Kaliningrad held a special meeting of the Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, Deputy Secretary of state Victoria Nuland, during which sounded like sensible things regarding the implementation of the “Minsk” and specific ways to move towards this goal,” he recalled.