Zakharova: EU unprofessional conducts immigration policy

Zakharova: EU unprofessional conducts immigration policy

MOSCOW, February 10. The European Union made serious mistakes in the sphere of migration policy. This was stated at a briefing the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova in response to the allegations, though the cause of increase of flow of refugees in Europe was the operation of the Russian VKS the Russian Federation in Syria to fight with terrorists.

According to Zakharova, it should be recognized that the migration policy of the European Union is unprofessional, and Russia is not to blame.

“We need to realize that while Syria will not be put in order, while the chaos will not stop until you create the appropriate base and preconditions for a Syrian settlement, while not only in Syria and Iraq, but also around not defeated terrorism, the flow of refugees will only grow, – said the diplomat. – It must perfectly understand the European colleagues, and not to go in search of imaginary enemies of Europe and look for them where there are none”.


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