Zakharova: the US-led coalition does not have a strategy in the Syrian settlement

Zakharova: the US-led coalition does not have a strategy in the Syrian settlement

MOSCOW, February 10. In the US-led coalition there is no single, coherent strategy of action concerning the situation in Syria. This was stated at a briefing Director of the Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

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Author: Irina MOKHOVA

“For four years we see a constantly changing approach to the Syrian settlement, she said. – Every year, every six months, it announced any new plans. But there must be some strategy, some purpose, there must be some understanding of their actions. While these actions resemble hysterical chaotic motion, which are not subject to any targets except one – to act somehow, but not clear how.”

Referring to announced by Turkey, UAE and Saudi Arabia plans to conduct a ground operation on Syrian territory and the introduction into this country of 150-thousand military contingent, the official representative of the Russian depodesta drew attention primarily on the lack of clearly stated goals of this operation and relations with her partners on the coalition, as well as the need for the unconditional compliance with international law.

“We should not forget that we are talking about a sovereign state, and if so anxious and sensitive about issues of sovereignty on some continents, it would be nice just to apply the same basic principles and in respect of Syrian sovereignty, she said. In our understanding, based on respect for generally accepted norms, the introduction anywhere of any forces should be agreed with the country concerned, no matter how well-intentioned all this is not explained”.

“What use is that? – continued Zakharova. – To combat terrorism? Then you need to declare that the coalition is beginning a new phase of combating terrorism. But here we see that the statements are not made on behalf of the coalition, and from individual countries. Therefore, there arise problems. What is this, Amateur hour? The end of the coalition? This is done in parallel with the actions of the coalition or is an attempt to create another coalition? It would be nice to say”.

According to her, it is not necessary to dump from accounts also domestic goals that may be pursued or the other country and who follow the example of the United States, where “the international activity is an attempt to score political points.”

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