Artificial intelligence in unmanned vehicles Google has acknowledged a driver

Artificial intelligence in unmanned vehicles Google has acknowledged a driver

Moscow. 10 February. The artificial intelligence system embedded in unmanned Google cars, would qualify as a driver under the Federal US law is an important step towards the emergence of self-driving cars on the roads of the country, writes the Financial Times.

The national authority for road safety USA (NHTSA) agreed with Google that its Autonomous cars “will have a driver in the traditional sense of the word,” said General counsel controller Hemmersbach Paul in the letter to the Director of this project, Google Chris Urmson.

In November, Google sent NHTSA a request for how to perform safety standards for self-driving cars.

“If people can’t drive a car, it is wise to recognize the driver system responsible for the movement,” said Hemmersbach.

In the case of Google, we have developed a system of artificial intelligence “actually drives the car”, he said.

Google insists that driverless cars will be safer if passengers will have the opportunity to intervene in the management process, completely relying on the built-in artificial intelligence system based on multiple sensors, cameras and maps.

This approach is more extreme than that are other automakers that are configured for a smooth transition to unmanned vehicles and include features that allow a person to control the movement.

In NHTSA announced the intention to consider introducing new rules which will change the interpretation of the word “driver”, but warned that this process may take a considerable period of time.