Medvedev: ground operation in Syria by other countries will lead to permanent war

Medvedev: ground operation in Syria by other countries will lead to permanent war

MOSCOW, 11 February. Ground operation in Syria with the participation of other countries will lead not to conflict resolution, and to its prolongation. This opinion was expressed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in an interview with German newspaper Handelsblatt. “Bad estimate (the willingness of other countries to initiate anti-terrorism ground operation in Syria – approx.TASS), because all ground operations, as a rule, lead to the fact that the war has become permanent,” he said.

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“A ground operation is the integration of all people involved in the war,” – said Medvedev. He urged the US and the Arab world to weigh whether they want permanent war. “They think they will win very quickly? It does not happen, especially in the Arab world; there, all fighting against all,” – says the Prime Minister. “There is no such morosely when there is Assad and troops loyal to him and some antigovernment group, it’s much more difficult, and so it for years, maybe decades,” he said.

“We all, including due to the austerity measures, which Russia implements, and the Americans carry out, and even with all the reservations, and the Turks are trying to implement, to make to sit at the negotiating table and not to start another war on Earth,” – says Medvedev.

About the responsibility for the destabilization of the situation in Syria

The Prime Minister has laid on the United States, Saudi Arabia and a number of European countries responsible for the destabilization of the situation in Syria. Different estimates with respect to those or other leaders are not grounds for such actions, Medvedev said.

“Maybe (President Bashar) Assad and not the ideal of democracy, but it was necessary to ensure that elections were held there, not to unleash such a tough campaign,” he said. “It has affected everything,” – said the head of the Russian government.

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“We may have different estimates of those or other political figures, but this is not a reason to intervene or to set the country on fire from within!”, – said Medvedev. “Now the country is engulfed in civil war, all fought with everyone: the Shiites, Sunnis, Sunni, respectively, with the other – Druze, Christians, alawites,” said he. “Who better?” – he put a rhetorical question.

“The fact that there (in Syria) has occurred, is a very object lesson in how easy it is to create a problem and hard to solve”, – said Medvedev. “At some point our colleagues thought that Mr. Assad’s bad behavior (if at all such terms relevant to foreign policy)”, – he noted. “I will call who I’m talking about: I mean our partners in the United States of America, some of our European partners and of the Arab world, including Saudi Arabia, for example,” the Premier said.

Tasks operation HQs of the Russian Federation in Syria

Russian military advisors are present in Syria, but the armed forces will not participate in ground anti-terrorist operations in the country, also said Medvedev. “We don’t want to participate in a ground operation, there is only our advisors are,” he said.

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As the aircraft of the Russian Federation helps to fight with terrorists in Syria

The Prime Minister stressed that the operation HQs of the Russian Federation in Syria “is not unlimited.” “It is, of course, will be temporary, it is primarily of a local nature, involving aircraft and in some cases missiles,” – he explained. “In other words, we see here that’s so important, but at the same time, local work”, – said Medvedev.

The Prime Minister reminded that “Russia is involved in the Syrian conflict to serve their own national interests.” He explained that it is against religious extremists. “In this situation we understand that those who went to Syria (and such there too, at least several thousand people, the numbers vary because we can’t them, of course, all to count, who when left, but it is certainly thousands of people), they come back completely brainwashed killers who will arrange to have that arranged before in the Caucasus, in Moscow, in other cities, what they organize in Paris and around the world, in fact, and in the United States of America to suit you”, he said. “So the President decided to respond to the request of the President of Syria and to take part in this military operation”, – concluded the Prime Minister.