Medvedev is sent to the Munich conference

Medvedev is sent to the Munich conference

MOSCOW, 12 February. Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev on Friday sent to Munich, where for the first time will participate in the conference on security policy.

The Prime Minister will deliver a speech and meet with foreign counterparts and businessmen of Russia and Germany.

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As reported to journalists Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Prikhodko, the Chairman of the Russian government to speak at the meeting on Saturday, February 13. The topic of the debate – “Modern crises”. It will be dedicated to the development of joint mechanisms to counter crisis situations (Syria, Ukraine, migration) and cooperation in resolving them. “Will be interesting”, – said Prikhodko.

At the Munich conference traditionally attracts heads of States, governments, international organisations, authoritative experts. Russian representatives participate in the Munich security conference since the late 1990-ies. Russia has repeatedly represented by the Secretary of the security Council, Deputy Prime Minister and defense Minister Sergei Ivanov, who now heads the Kremlin administration, as well as the Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov. In 2007 the report “the Role of Russia in world politics” was made by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

A series of bilateral meetings

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Medvedev in Munich scheduled series of bilateral meetings. The first companion of the Russian Prime Minister on Friday will become the President of Finland Sauli Niinist√∂. “With our Finnish colleagues we have contacts not interrupted, although subjected to the sanctions (against Russia) entered the EU, but political contacts are pretty intense,” – said Prikhodko. He said that on March 29-30 in St. Petersburg, a planned meeting of the co-chairs of the intergovernmental Commission on trade and economic cooperation, which should soon resume its work. “We feel that the Finnish partners are interested to overcome the current stage (difficult relationships), which we were not our (Russia’s) fault,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

He recalled that “there were times when Finland was ranked first among Russian trade partners, but now she’s only in third place”. Prikhodko said that “the impact of EU sanctions”. Therefore, Medvedev and Niynisto will discuss trade and economic relations, “as the impact of sanctions is felt by the Finnish business community and investors, as Finnish partners are looking at synergies in the energy sector”.

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Also on Friday, Medvedev hold talks with German foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. “Assume that will assess the current stage of Russian-German contacts and cooperation with emphasis on trade and economic cooperation”, – said Prikhodko. He reminded that in January-February 2015 Russian-German trade turnover declined by 35 percent. According to Vice-Premier, “it affects the mood of German business, the field of maneuver for objectively narrowing, exclusive, only which a few years ago, German business held in Russia, now lost”. “I have a feeling that not everyone in Germany likes to give markets because of the crisis situation sooner or later we will reach, and market positions will be lost,” – said the representative of the Russian Cabinet.

He said that Medvedev and Steinmeier will also discuss cooperation in the energy sector, the project “Northern stream-2”, humanitarian ties, and also possibly migration policy of Germany, because “we (Russia) it impacts indirectly feel”.

In the programme of work of the head of the Russian Cabinet in Munich on Saturday includes talks with Prime Minister of Bavaria Horst Seehofer and President of Slovenia Borut Pahor. It is not excluded and other contacts, but not with representatives of Ukraine and Turkey, said Prikhodko.

Medvedev will also hold a Breakfast meeting with businessmen in Russia and Germany.