The demolition of the unauthorized construction in Moscow

The demolition of the unauthorized construction in Moscow

Authorities of the capital in the night of 9 November proceeded to dismantle 97 objects of unauthorized construction which have been installed without the required documents.

Head of the state inspection for control over use of objects of real estate of Moscow Sergey Sokurov told the correspondent of TASS that night there was about 700 pieces of equipment.

According to Shugurova, most of the illegal structures stood directly over underground lines communications – telephone Sewerage, gas pipeline, heating systems, electrical grids, sanitation, etc.

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Every year in spring there is a natural movement of the soil, and large layers of the earth can shrink the pipe, causing an accident. In addition, inconsistent construction or repair of the building over the communication creates a vibration that goes into the ground and also can cause damage.

In 90% of the demolished structures have been implemented in non-food products, in particular, they were popular among the bookmakers and operators of cellular communication.

Shawarma on Clean ponds is no more.

— The Martin (@martin_camera) February 8, 2016

At metro Dinamo in General, all tore down already.

— The Martin (@martin_camera) February 9, 2016

On Sukharev. Now

— Sasha Usoltsev (@usolt) February 8, 2016