Experts: the sales of drugs against flu in January in Russia grew faster than the disease

MOSCOW, February 15. Sales of drugs against flu in January 2016 in Russia grew faster than the disease. This was stated by General Director of research company DSM Group Sergey shuljak the summit PharmaBusiness 2016.

According to him, in third / fourth week of January was observed explosive growth in sales of medicines (plus 31% on the fourth week). In General, this indicator at the end of the month in rubles increased by 6.8% and fell in packages by 8%.

However, sales of seasonal products in January in rubles increased by 19%, and all other drugs – only 6%. “In the packaging of seasonal products grew by 4%, and the rest of the market dropped to minus 10%,” said Shulyak.

Sales of antiviral drugs showed an increase of 45%, and Immunostimulants by 31%. “For example, Tamiflu has increased 2.5 times, “Alferon” – 2 times”, – he added.

“All this hype about the flu made itself felt: consumption grew faster than the incidence, said Shulyak. – According to the health Ministry, the epidemiological thresholds have been exceeded by only 30-40%, meaning there was no such incidence, how increased sale of drugs that are usually used for the flu”.