Media: IKEA evaded paying more than €1 billion in taxes in Europe

The HAGUE, 15 February. /Corr. Vitaly Chugin/. The network of shops IKEA evaded paying taxes of more than a billion euros in Europe in the period from 2009 to 2014. About this newspaper Folkskrant, referring to the calculations of the faction “Green/European free Alliance” in the European Parliament.

According to the publication, the circuit is based on the avoidance of taxation is the division of the group. Consists of IKEA Ikea Group, responsible for the 328 stores, and Inter Ikea Systems, which owns the factories and carrying out product development. At the same time Ikea Group donates 3% of its revenues to Inter Ikea Systems as a fee for the right to use the name IKEA.

According to European parliamentarians, it means that, first, the taxable profit of Ikea Group is much lower. In turn, Inter Ikea Systems, incorporated in the Netherlands, receives remuneration from the Ikea Group on very favorable terms, and admits a large part of the proceeds without paying taxes on the future development of the business.

“The European Commission is already investigating tax evasion in relation to such companies as Google, Starbucks and Apple – the Deputy noted a “Green” Bass ACHAT. – However, there should be more. We want the investigation was launched in relation to IKEA”.