Problems in relations between Russia and the West will discuss Russian and Italian parliamentarians in Moscow

Problems in relations between Russia and the West will discuss Russian and Italian parliamentarians in Moscow

MOSCOW, February 14. Ways to overcome the difficulties in relations between Russia and the West will be discussed next week during the meetings of Russian lawmakers with the Italian parliamentary delegation which is arriving in Russia today. This was reported to journalists by the Deputy of the state Duma, former Russian Ambassador to the EU Vasily Likhachev. According to him, it is expected that the focus will also be the theme of new forms of cooperation, both bilaterally and at the multilateral level.

Issues on the agenda

The Italian delegation was headed by the Chairman of the parliamentary group of friendship “Italy-Russia” Alessandro Pagano (party “New right-center”), its membership also included the members Pietro Lofranco (the party “Forward, Italy”), Sorial Giorgio, Marta Grande (both “Movement Five stars”), and Senator Sergio Divina (the party “Northern League”).

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“The delegation members are active supporters of the Russian-Italian and Russian-European dialogue”, – said Likhachev, who is the Deputy group for relations with the Italian Parliament. “Conceptually, this group was gathered to demonstrate the will of a very substantial part of the parliamentary community of the European Union to overcome the political, and sometimes pseudopolitical “blockages” that have developed in the attitude of official Moscow”, – he explained.

On the other hand, said the Russian MP, the Italian partners can come up with “specific initiatives not only way out of this crisis of the parliamentary and inter-state relations, but also the proposals for the revitalization, the search for new forms of cooperation, both bilaterally and at the multilateral level, taking into account today’s real agenda”. In his opinion, the debate will be addressed including the issues of migration, as well as the theme of placing of the American ABM in Europe.

“I’m going to raise issues of formation of new parameters and vectors of the European security system, even focusing their attention on the draft Treaty on European security in 2008, which is still positioned Dmitry Medvedev when he was President,” – said Likhachev. According to him, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of several European countries today is “get from archives the document and begin to analyze it carefully”.

Friends Of Russia

In addition, the MP expressed hope that the visit of the Italian parliamentarians will give more information to the Europeans in relation to the events in Crimea. “We see quite a strong trend in the parliamentary community of Europe, European Union, among a significant group of PACE deputies to have to come to some status quo in the evaluation of Crimean history,” he said. Likhachev recalled that the Crimea became part of Russia voluntarily, democratically, with observance of all international legal norms. “And this page must turn over, you have to be realistic, we must look at what happened,” he said.

In addition, noted Likhachev, “there is a desire that this meeting helped to form a circle of friends of Russia, Russian Parliament”. “We are now extremely important to have in Europe political forces that we understand, accept, and are willing to go the route of combining the intellectual, political, and economic potential to solve problems that relate to any country of Europe,” he said. Likhachev called the upcoming visit “is not just interesting, but also strategically important and useful.” “The trend is pragmatism,” he concluded.

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