Putin has proposed a dialogue between business and law enforcement officers on the platform of his administration

Putin has proposed a dialogue between business and law enforcement officers on the platform of his administration

MOSCOW, February 15. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has suggested to create on the basis of the presidential Administration (AP) a platform for dialogue between business and law enforcement field. He said this during the meeting with the President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs (RSPP) Alexander sechinym.

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The head of the Union reported to the President about the difficulties businesses face when interacting with controlling and law enforcement agencies, and the work on establishing a dialogue with police officers.

Putin noted the difficulty of establishing dialogue with the law enforcement system, “it’s a more subtle thing – the business and law enforcement”.

“However, today it is a popular thing, so my suggestion is that at the site of the presidential administration to build a dialogue between business and law enforcement field, but not direct, but mediated up”, he said.

Putin explained that this will allow to formulate a claim, not a separate business companies, natural or legal persons, and whole associations of entrepreneurs, including RSPP, TPP, “Business Russia”, “OPORA RUSSIA”.

By the state on such a platform could operate such ministries and agencies, the Prosecutor General’s office, the Ministry of internal Affairs, FSB, Investigatory Committee. “For example, at the level designated Deputy Ministers could at least once a quarter with the mediation of the President’s administration to hold meetings and to detect subtle places, and things that are bothering, on the one hand, the law enforcement system, which is obliged to protect the interests of the whole society, and, on the other hand, the business community. To develop regulations and, very importantly, law enforcement practice after the adoption of these acts consistent with the interests of the state as a whole,” the President added.

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Shokhin has accepted the proposal, recognizing that “it would be a very effective tool” and that “without enough of regular meetings under your (President’s) auspices, with the heads of law enforcement, law enforcement agencies, probably, do not”.

“Your proposed mechanism, I think, would be a good way to prepare this type of meeting. If problems accumulate that require the participation and decisions of the President, then it would be possible to appeal to you. I think, given your attention to this thread, it probably would be possible”, – said Shokhin.

Putin in the answer has offered the head of the RSPP consider the mechanism of work of such a platform and agreed on the opportunity sometimes to participate in such a discussion.

“You can once and with my participation, and with participation of heads of relevant law enforcement bodies, and when something involving, say, the head of the presidential administration and Deputy heads of the relevant departments,” the President said.