Putin proposed the mediation of the Kremlin in disputes of business and law-enforcers

During the conversation, the transcript of which published the press service of the Kremlin, the head of the Russian Union of Industrialists and entrepreneurs Alexander Shokhin told President Vladimir Putin that cooperation with law enforcement “comes in waves”. According to him, while the RSPP seeks to reduce the number of inspections and administrative barriers, many agencies have a desire to save them or to take on new functions.

“We believe that the main means of realization of your plant in the most economic freedom, free enterprise is, certainly, a significant reduction of this administrative, law enforcement pressure”, — said Shokhin.

In response, the President agreed that the dialogue between business and law enforcement system “fine thing”. “The proposal is that at the site of the presidential administration to build a dialogue between business and law enforcement field, but not direct, but mediated the presidential administration”, — explained Putin.

According to Putin, business associations, and ministries and departments (the Ministry of internal Affairs, FSB, the Investigative Committee) at least once a quarter would meet under the mediation of the presidential administration and to identify “thin places, and things”.

Shokhin thanked the President for the proposal but suggested that “without regular meetings with the heads of law enforcement agencies under the auspices of Putin himself, probably, do not”. “You once with me and once with the participation of, say, the head of the presidential administration,” — suggested the President. “If they know that from time to time you can call and ask, we may be, and you will not need to ask you,” agreed Shokhin.

4 December 2014 address to the Federal Assembly Vladimir Putin said about the need to “maximally remove restrictions from business, free it from Intrusive supervision and control.” July 13, 2015 the President has sent the White house a concrete instruction about the preparation of the report on the reform of regulatory and Supervisory bodies, but in the end the report to the Kremlin has not been sent. As explained in November, a government official, the reason for this is conflict of interest, allow failed.

“A first approach to the projectile we have not been successful. I hope that the second approach to the projectile will cause this weight will be taken”, — the assistant to the President Andrey Belousov December 15, commented on the reform of control and Supervisory activities that are shelved.