Media reported about the transfer to Syria of advanced aircraft integrated intelligence

The newest aircraft integrated intelligence Tu-214Р deployed at the Russian airbase Hamim in Syria the night before. This is according to the international avijaticara FlightRadar24, Interfax reports.

According to him, the aircraft flew from the airfield of the Kazan aircraft factory, flying in the air space over international waters of the Caspian sea, and then over the territory of Iran and Iraq. Data about the flight of Tu-214Р fixed on FlightRadar24.

Head of integrated intelligence aircraft Tu-214Р (registration number RF-64514) developed on the basis of the civil Tu-214. The new aircraft will have to change the Il-20M. This is one of two new reconnaissance aircraft, which was planned to be put into service in 2013. Delivery times were disrupted, and Kazan aviation production Association, which manufactures the aircraft, had paid on the claim the Ministry of defence 180 million rubles.

Tu-214Р designed to intercept control signals and communications of the enemy, conducting radar and optical reconnaissance of ground objects. The aircraft was equipped with multi-frequency radio-technical complex MRK-411 domestic developments, as well as optoelectronic system high resolution “Faction”. Due to this, at the height of 9-12 km, the aircraft can cover the territory at a distance of 250 km from the Complex equipment of the plane allows you to photograph the surface in high resolution in the infrared. In addition, Tu-214Р can display images on the displays of operators of complex intelligence in real-time.