Retail banks have used a large-scale layoffs

In the fourth quarter of last year large retail banks significantly slowed the pace of layoffs, according to the data of quarterly reports. reviewed quarterly reports of the 12 banks whose share of loans in assets exceeds 40%. If in the third quarter all of these banks have reduced 1759, and in the fourth they hired additional 1441 thousand employees.

Despite positive trends in the overall market, leaders in the reduction of staff has remained the same. So, VTB 24 have cut 732 in the 4th quarter, and HCF Bank – 653 person. This is less than in the previous quarter, when VTB 24 has reduced 936 people, and HCF Bank – 1273.

“Indeed, reductions in banks as in other industries, has slowed. The peak of the layoffs occurred in the first quarter of 2015, then this trend began to decline,” – said the head of the service research HeadHunter Maria Ignatova. In the third quarter of last year, around half of banks surveyed noted that they feel much better than earlier in the year, and do not plan to reduce staff salaries, says Ignatova.

Overall, the year was difficult for the Bank personnel: for the year they said goodbye to 18.3 thousand employees. When most of the “tighten the belt”, optimization of personnel and branches network are the first step, which make the banks to reduce the losses, says the analyst of rating Agency “Rus-Rating” Nikolay Tsypluhin.

However, the downsizing did not help much: the cost of major retail banks still exceeded last year’s level, said the Tsypluhin. The profit of retail banks in 2015 amounted to 4.7 billion rubles, which is 2.5 times less than in 2014, and ten times less than in 2012, when monolayer showed the highest results. “Given the fact that the main influence on profit of most banks currently still have the costs of redundancy, and not on staff, don’t think that optimization of staff able to help them significantly,” adds the analyst.

Over the past year the number of resumes in the banking sector grew by 17% while demand fell by 7%, results from Ignatov. “Competition for one position was 3 per place. On average, each day in Russia in the banking sector was available for about 25 thousand vacancies, which claimed about 85 thousand applicants. This 2014 competition in the banking sector grew more slowly than in many other spheres”, – said the expert.

In 2016 the reduction will not take place on a sectoral basis and will affect only a particular inefficient employees, says Ignatova.

“Currently, optimization in General is over, significant new reductions it is not planned”, – said the representative of HCF-Bank Stanislav Duginski. The press service of Credit Europe Bank said that in 2016 the number of employees will not change significantly. “Orient Express” is planning to attract 250 new employees for new offices 143, which is going to open in 2016.