Dollar exchange rate exceeded 77 rubles, the price of Brent fell by 2%

Dollar exchange rate exceeded 77 rubles, the price of Brent fell by 2%

MOSCOW, February 19. Dollar rate to ruble during trading on the Moscow stock exchange rose 69 cents to 77,19 rubles, Euro – by 57 kopecks to RUB 85,47.

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On the eve of the dollar rate fell below 75 rubles. The ruble began to fall after oil. The cost of futures for oil of mark Brent with delivery in April in the course of trading on the exchange ICE in London fell by 2.04% to $33,58 barrel, and the price of the March contract for WTI crude oil fell 2.6% to $a barrel of 29.98.

The reason for the negative dynamics on the eve of steel reserves data from the U.S. Department of energy, says expert “BCS Express” Ivan Kopeikin. So, crude inventories last week rose by 2.14 million barrels – up to 504,11 million “due to the fact that the previous day, data from the American petroleum Institute (API) has shown decrease in stocks of oil (the price of this confidence grew), the market was hoping for a repeat of these figures in the report of the U.S. Department of energy. Since this did not happen, sellers again seized the initiative”, explains the expert.

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