“Worse than that”: the business about the arrest of the owner of Domodedovo

“Worse than that”: the business about the arrest of the owner of Domodedovo

Ombudsman for entrepreneurs under President Boris Titov(narrated through a representative)

“Of course, there is no point in the arrest. But even I consider the house arrest measure excessive. It needs to manage a large business. It would be sufficient bail and recognizance not to leave”

The founder of “Wimm-bill-Dann” and a member of the Board of RSPP David Yakobashvili

“Home is always best [even under house arrest] than within the walls [of the prison]. I am against the arrests, especially in such cases. The investment climate in Russia is so bad, so it [the arrest of Dmitry Kamenshchik] is now not relevant.”

Co-owner of AFK Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov

“Why must everyone leave? You and I might wonder why I didn’t go. What a stupid questions? Everyone has their own life principles. It is not necessary for everyone to leave. It’s probably fashionable, but wrong.” (Yevtushenkov in September 2014 was accused of money-laundering during the purchase of Bashneft, for three months, was placed under house arrest. In January of 2016 all the charges against him were dropped)

Senior partner of GHP Group mark Garber

“If you don’t delve into the details, the story of the arrest is absurd and unfair, because Kamenshchik was a business owner and not the Manager. Logic dictates that this story is in the area of responsibility of the management of the airport. But, on the other hand, there is personal responsibility for your business. Perhaps that is why he has not left the country. I don’t think this whole situation may negatively affect the investment climate of the country, in our situation will not be worse. But I very much hope that the result will act humanely and rationally,”

Chairman of the Board of Directors of MDM Bank Oleg Vyugin

“In my opinion, this behavior is very decent, honest man. He said: “For me though, I’m not going to run”. From the point of view of climate, it still looks negatively, based on what they say professional lawyers and attorneys of: the timing [of limitations] were never owners are not held accountable for the attacks that took place on the territory of their property”

The founder of Gloria jeans Vladimir Melnikov

“I’m not sure he is guilty [in the attack]. Rather blame the power structures that are responsible for the security of the airport that allowed this scumbag of a suicide bomber [to the airport]”. The petition for his release ready to sign”