Acting Governor of Transbaikalia: the payment of salaries on time is a priority

Acting Governor of Transbaikalia: the payment of salaries on time is a priority

CHITA, February 20. /Corr. Ilya Barinov/. Timely payment of wages to state employees will become a priority for Natalia Zhdanova, was appointed acting Governor of TRANS-Baikal territory. The head of the region said in Chita.

The fulfillment of social obligations

“The immediate need is to solve problems that concern all the zabaykalets, which are important and sensitive. This is the fulfillment of social obligations. In the first place, the payment of wages on time and in full to our teachers, doctors, cultural workers, all social workers. This specific, clearly, a very important task. And for me it will be a priority,” – said Zhdanov, turning to the representatives of Executive and legislative authorities of the region.

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Their task she called “the fulfillment of social obligations in respect to payment of benefits to veterans, needy citizens”. “It is very important to have balancing the budget, she added. – In addition, those promising areas that have been planned by the government of the territory, remain in force. There are no major changes and adjustments are not expected”.

According to Zhdanova, the situation in the province “not quite simple”. “We need to make every effort to reverse this difficult and somewhat a crisis situation in the province. I will do everything possible and even impossible”, – assured the acting Governor.

The new head of Transbaikalian edge also thanked his predecessor, Konstantin Ilkovsky, noting that “those innovative projects that were conceived, will continue to exist”. “The system works, the mechanism is charged, the team is able to solve the actual problem. All should work”, – she said.

Arrived in Chita, the Plenipotentiary representative of RF President in the Siberian Federal district Nikolai Rogozhkin, in turn, stressed that “any changes in plans, directions should not be, the tasks we set ourselves for 2016, routinely performed”.


“I know that (Zhdanov approx.) can today and in the future to lead the TRANS-Baikal territory, to solve successfully the problems facing the region, and to do everything for the benefit of the citizens at this difficult post. Citizens of the TRANS-Baikal territory should support it because only through joint efforts can we solve the problems that face us,” he said.

To support the new Chapter and asked the ex-Governor Konstantin Ilkovsky. “Natalia made an important, courageous decision. I am asking you to treat it with care and to help,” he said.

Late payment of public sector wages and social benefits has become one of the main problems of the TRANS-Baikal territory in 2015. Wage delays and payment in March, September and December led to demonstrations, pickets and suspend operation of teachers. On the eve of Vice-Premier of the RF government Olga Golodets told journalists that wage arrears owed to teachers in the TRANS-Baikal territory will be paid in the coming days. “We hope that problems with payment of salaries in the TRANS-Baikal territory will no longer be”, – said the Golodets.

On Wednesday, President Vladimir Putin ahead of schedule stopped powers of the Governor of TRANS-Baikal region Konstantin Ilkovsky, at his request. The acting Governor of Zabaikalsky Krai, the head of state appointed by the speaker of the regional legislative Assembly Natalia said.