Former Bank of the son of Pavel Astakhov stopped issuing deposits

That the Bank “Zerich” (433-nd place by assets) failed to repay deposits, said the employee of the operational office “Ostozhenka”. “As of today the Bank does not have any incoming and outgoing transactions, he said, adding that the Bank for technical reasons disconnected from BESP (system of electronic payments of the Bank of Russia).

On February 19 at the Bank’s website has been placed information, which refers to the completion “of activities aimed at raising additional funding from investors to improve its financial stability and ensure the full and timely implementation of the Bank’s obligations to its customers, including depositors”.

Bank “Zerich” — a small regional Bank headquartered in eagle. He also has two operating offices in Central Moscow and two in Moscow region (Balashikha and Podolsk). According to the reports on February 1, population’s deposits in the Bank amounted to 2.1 billion rubles, the Bank’s loan portfolio consists of 70% corporate loans (1.2 billion rubles). A source close to the Bank said that the issue of the “Ariha” liquidity could arise because of his active work in the interbank lending market. “The Bank had more than 30 banks on interbank lending, it is possible that some of them withdrew the license, and they are unable to pay before the “CARICOM,” he said. About 10% of the Bank’s assets is placed on interbank funds.

“Ariha” 15 shareholders, among which, according to the Central Bank and the information given on the website of the Bank, is Anton Astakhov with a share of 9.7%. 28-year-old Anton Astakhov is the son of Pavel Astakhov, a lawyer in the past, and now authorized under the President of Russia for children’s rights. Anton Astakhov said that its share in the Bank sold at the end of last year one of the current shareholders of the Bank. “I was a shareholder a few months, from the autumn of 2015, helped the Bank to build a number of processes and to take anti-crisis measures. I got out of this investment with a small profit,” said Astakhov, adding that he had no information about what is happening in the Bank.

Anton Astakhov also owns shares in the Bank Anchor, which is controlled by businessman Andrei Korkunov. There Astakhov belongs, according to the Central Bank, 9% of the shares. Another investment Astakhova associate in the banking business is the purchase in 2014 of 8.5% stake in a Regional development Bank. Last fall Astakhov his share sold. As the newspaper “Kommersant”, Anton Astakhov has been excluded from the list of affiliated persons of the Bank on 9 October 2015. On 10 November the Central Bank revoked the license of the Bank, then the Central Bank has indicated that these banks have placed funds in low-quality assets and “did not create adequate accepted risks reserves”. The Bank failed to timely fulfill liabilities to creditors and also provided “materially false statements”, reported the Central Bank.

As the newspaper “Izvestia”, the Regional development Bank in 2014 “serving the office of the Commissioner for the rights of the child, accumulating donations to families with children in the South-East of Ukraine, and also maintain the accounts of the Treasury of Sevastopol”.