In the U.S. the case of the theft of press releases filed lawsuits against five Russians

In the U.S. the case of the theft of press releases filed lawsuits against five Russians

Moscow. February 19. The Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA has filed lawsuits to five Russians and four companies they controlled in the high-profile case on the international hacker network, which used to trade on the stock market non-public corporate information, according to a press release from the SEC.

In the case, which became known last year, already hosts more than 30 respondents from different countries.

Assets 9 new defendants, who have earned about $20 million from the illicit operations frozen, said the us regulator. According to the SEC, the members of the network have earned in the scheme for several years, more than $100 million.

Ukrainian hackers hacked the servers of the international agencies specializing in the disclosure of information – PRNewswire, Business Wire and Marketwired. Then, not yet published, press releases were transmitted to market participants and used for transactions in shares of dozens of companies, including Boeing, Hewlett-Packard, Caterpillar, Oracle.

According to investigators, it all started in 2010, when the Ukrainian for the first time a hacker hacked the server of the agencies that distribute press releases of companies. About his “success” he told in posted online the video, which impressed the traders. Thus began the history of cooperation between hackers and traders from Russia, Ukraine, Malta, Cyprus, France and the USA.

Traders gave “interference” in the case of companies that must disclose important information, and expressed their “wishes”, and hackers were given cash incentives.

In particular, reported the Financial Times, only as a result of access statements Caterpillar for the second quarter of 2011, sent to the Agency PRNewswire three days before the official release, the criminals earned on transactions with securities of the company nearly $650 thousand.

In October 2013 Panera Bread was sent to news Agency press release correcting the quarterly reports, giving an indication to release the text, as is the usual practice, after the market closes. After accessing the message before the other, the traders earned more than $1 million, reported The Wall Street Journal.

In the footsteps of this business Agency, Business Wire, Marketwired, PRNewswire, which, being an analogue of the Russian competent agencies, distribute press releases issuers on the outcome of the neighborhoods, major transactions and other important events of most U.S. issuers have taken steps to improve the security of their systems.

Last year, the Ukrainian “Jaspen capital” and its leader, agreed to pay $30 million to settle the SEC’s claims in this case.

In the beginning of 2016 living in the U.S. 29-year-old trader Igor Dubovoy admitted in an American court, that buying from hackers mined before the official publication the message of the companies. He will pay $11 million, which were illegally earned them on the market. Oak was arrested in August last year, and several defendants in the case.

Father Igor Arkady in February also has given grateful evidences in court in Newark, saying that gave hackers half of the illegally earned on the money market. He faces a prison sentence. Admitted and another defendant, Alexander Garkusha.