At the Belarusian-Lithuanian border in the queues are about 700 trucks

At the Belarusian-Lithuanian border in the queues are about 700 trucks

MINSK/VILNIUS, February 22. /Corr. Vladimir Ivanov, Yuriy Shamshur/. The tense situation on the Belarusian-Lithuanian border, where queues on the exit from Belarus at present there are already about 700 heavy vehicles.

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The Ministry of transport: road carriers of Russia and Poland will receive 20 thousand permits for transport

About it the correspondent of TASS reported the press Secretary of the State border Committee (CPC) of the Republic Alexander Tishchenko.

“This is a very serious situation, working at the maximum”, – said the representative of the border service. He suggested that “the Belarusian and Lithuanian border guards and customs officials in the coming days, have to work at full capacity”.

According to the code of civil procedure, on exit from Belarus to Lithuania is currently in the queue are 680 vehicles, including 280 at the checkpoint Kotlovka, 220 – in the Stone log, 180 – beniakoni. With the Lithuanian side on entry are only 10 trucks. In addition, 70 of the truck will pass in Latvia on points Urbany, and grigorovshchina, while the Latvian side there are only about 20.

Tishchenko noted that the reduction of queues in the Baltic direction is expected after the Russian heavy vehicles will go in the direction of Poland. “Now, apparently, the Polish direction not work”, – he added.

In Lithuania no queues

In Lithuania at checkpoints (a checkpoint) on the border with Belarus a significant increase in queues of heavy vehicles is not fixed today. About this informed the Deputy head of the Directorate of the crossings of Rimantas Satkauskas

“Border crossing and entry to Belarus on our CAT waiting on half a dozen trucks,” he said. Meanwhile, remain on the border with Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation. So, about 130 trucks with a projected wait time of 22 hours are at the checkpoint kibartaj. At the checkpoint Panemune drivers 30 trucks will have to wait crossing the border for 6 hours. “Excess waiting time hardly anyone is nice, but the critical queue level is not reached,” said Sarkauskas.

February 1 has expired permits for cargo transportation, which annually between Russia and Poland. The advance parties failed to reach agreement on new permissions, so the truckers of the two countries since the beginning of the month can’t cross the border. On 19 February the parties held already the fifth stage of the negotiations, which for the first time were able to reach certain agreements. In particular, it was decided to exchange permits in the amount of 20 thousand pieces for each country with effect until 15 April. Until that time, the parties will continue negotiations to agree on quotas for the entire year.