Medvedev has advocated for proven solutions in overcoming the existing problems in the society

SOCHI, February 22. Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev at the meeting with Kazakh counterpart Karim Masimov said that the two economies are in a difficult situation, so you need proven solutions to overcome existing problems and mitigate the crisis.

“Today is a good opportunity to exchange informally information on current Affairs in the economy and international issues. It’s really not the easiest period in the life of our States, associated with the current economic situation, the low price of hydrocarbons, some of the structural imbalances,” – said Medvedev.

Russian Prime Minister believes that “we need to look very carefully at these processes that occur, given the fact that our economies are very closely interrelated.” “Need to make sound decisions that will help overcome problems, reduce the impact of the crisis, to mitigate the negative economic processes which currently exist,” – said Medvedev. According to him, it concerns the decisions made by the governments of the two countries.

“It is the task of governments. Just so people in our countries even in this difficult period of life was still better and to solve the challenges facing our States, – said Medvedev. – I hope that our meeting will contribute to”.