In Europe withdrew from Mars and Snickers-for found them in plastic

Mars said about the recall chocolate bars Mars and Snickers in several European countries. Food giant decided to take this step after the sweets was discovered plastic, writes bi-Bi-si.

As the newspaper notes, the recall applies to other products, including candies, Milky Way Mini and Celebrations. The list includes products whose expiry date ends on 10 June 2016 to 8 January 2017.

Full list came under review stamps was published on the website of Mars. At the time of publication of news it was unavailable. “We would like to see sellers who have purchased these products, abstaining from their sale”, — stated in Mars (quoted by The Guardian).

A company spokesman could not say bi-Bi-si, is this the largest recall in company history.

According to France 24, Mars products was withdrawn in France, Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Italy and Spain. The company did not specify, what volume of products will have to withdraw from the sale. German Mars produces about 10 million of the sweets every day.

In Europe due to plastic drop candy bars Mars and Snickers Video: Channel