Acting Governor of Transbaikalia has dismissed the regional government

Acting Governor of Transbaikalia has dismissed the regional government

CHITA, February 24. /Corr. Ilya Barinov/. The acting Governor of Transbaikalian edge Natalya Zhdanova has signed a decree on the resignation of the government of the region and on appointment of acting members of the regional Cabinet of Ministers, reported the press service of the head region.

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“On Monday, Natalia Zhdanova will collect the updated composition of the regional government at the first organizational meeting,” – said the press service.

It is noted that the temporary performance of duties on earlier replaced posts assigned to five Deputy Prime Ministers of the previous government, and four Cabinet Ministers.

The resolution Zhdanova terminated the powers of the first Vice-Premier Alexei Shemetova, head of the representation of Transbaikalian territory under the government of the Russian Federation Fyodor Lukovtsev, as well as five Ministers of the social block of the regional heads of the Ministry of health, Ministry of education, Ministry of culture, Ministry of sport and MINSOCZASHHITY.

The situation in Transbaikalia and the resignation of the Governor

On 17 February, Russian President Vladimir Putin ahead of schedule stopped powers of the Governor of TRANS-Baikal region Konstantin Ilkovsky, at his request. The acting Governor of Zabaikalsky Krai, the head of state appointed by the speaker of the regional legislative Assembly Natalia said.

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Last year in Transbaikalia began to have problems with paying salaries of teachers, health professionals and social workers. Last week the President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and the presidential administration to analyze the situation of non-implementation of the programme of resettlement of dilapidated housing in the Republic of Karelia and the TRANS-Baikal territory.

52-year-old Konstantin Ilkovsky began his career in Yakutia. 4 December 2011 was the Deputy of the state Duma of the sixth convocation, a member of the faction “Fair Russia”. February 28, 2013 Ilkovsky has been appointed acting Governor of TRANS-Baikal territory. September 8, 2013 elected Governor of Transbaikalia.