Kozak: plans for radical change and the abolition of the act to overhaul no

Kozak: plans for radical change and the abolition of the act to overhaul no

MOSCOW, February 24. Plans for radical modification or reversal of the Federal law on capital repairs there, said in an interview with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak.

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“We have no single Federal program of capital repairs. At the Federal level there is only a law that defines the General principles of functioning of this system at the regional level. Plans for radical modification or reversal of this legislation is also not,” he said.

Deputy Prime Minister explained that the government is working to improve Federal regulations in the field of repair, to make the system at the regional level more transparent to the public. “But to repair their housing needs. We can’t afford to carry out maintenance and repair of private housing at the expense of the taxpayer”, – said Kozak. According to him, Russia has about 30% of people live in individual houses and carry out repairs at his own expense without any assistance from the state. To spend their funds (received in the form of taxes to the Federal budget) for the maintenance and repair of dwelling other owners will simply unfair, he said.

Kozak stressed that the actual constitutionality of capital repair at the expense of owners of premises of the Prosecutor’s office confirmed. Doubt of the Prosecutor’s office evokes only the concentration of savings in the accounts of regional operators overhaul, said Deputy Prime Minister.

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He recalled that Federal law granted citizens the right to choose their own to raise funds to overhaul and to concentrate funds in the special account of an apartment house or to delegate this function under the state guarantee to an authorised organisation – the regional operator of capital repairs. According to him, the decision to self-generated funds capital repairs was accepted by the inhabitants of 64,5 thousand houses.

Kozak has reminded that today the state participates in the repair and maintenance of housing, but this is done through targeted social support for poor citizens who need it. In 2015, the citizens were granted from Federal and regional budgets subsidies of more than 300 billion roubles.

Justice fees for the repair in question

As reported in the media, in January 2016, the constitutional court (CC) decided to review initiated by the deputies of the state Duma from “Fair Russia” and KPRF requests for contributions for the overhaul. Deputies believe that the provisions of article 179 of the Housing code, permitting the use of funds generated by homeowners Fund repairs to the financing of repairs of other apartment buildings, contrary to the Constitution, which guarantees the protection of property.

In December 2015, the Deputy Prosecutor General Alexander Buksman sent in the COP review, according to which the fee in a “common pot” can violate the rights of citizens. On February 24, according to media reports, the Prosecutor General’s office has withdrawn from the COP, his letter asserts that the law on payment for overhaul is unconstitutional.