Naryshkin: the European peoples will not forgive their leaders for the losses from sanctions

Naryshkin: the European peoples will not forgive their leaders for the losses from sanctions

MOSCOW, February 23. State Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin considers the last two years, perhaps the most dangerous period in the history of relations between Russia and the West since the cold war.

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In conjunction with the 20th anniversary of Russia’s accession to the Council of Europe article published in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, he characterizes this period as “a two-year security crisis” during which “we saw many things: … not only the United States attempts “to win” – with it – two unprecedented economic and trade agreement (Transatlantic and Transpacific), and not the mere desire of the West to weaken us, pushing NATO closer to our borders and promised Ukraine’s rapid European integration (despite its obligations under the free trade zone of the CIS)”. It seems, says the speaker, “the plan of this new promotion consisted of a sum of political, economic and military objectives”.

However, according to Naryshkin, “without the active participation of key European politicians it (the plan) would be impossible”, and “USA and European Union solved practical tasks, and at the expense of other countries.”

“I think that in the history of our relations this period is perhaps the most dangerous since the cold war,” he says. In this context, the speaker recalls that “only within the past year, the Alliance had three times to strengthen its response force and to conduct hundreds of exercises, involving tens of thousands of military, aviation and fleet”. In addition, NATO draw in Montenegro – “bypassing democratic procedures, without a referendum”; the Alliance members “have ceased to reduce their military budgets. Directly bordering Ukraine, which broke out a civil war, receives “support” from the West” and the US “intend to four times to increase spending on the support of its NATO allies”.

Naryshkin believes that “such “successes” without rabid and mendacious anti-Russian hysteria would have been simply impossible.”

Experience twenty years of rapprochement with Europe

It is obvious that Russia as a country with a traditionally high level of education and culture – it is the nearest and natural ally of the European countries to restore the rule of law, civil liberties and the values of humanity.

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Meanwhile, the partners of the Russian Federation “in one fell swoop put all the common achievements of the past 20 years – harmonization of legal systems and created a platform for political dialogue, mutual trust, the growth of tourism, unprecedented close cultural and economic cooperation”, said the speaker of the state Duma.

“The true Democrats and Champions of a legal state must stop competing with each other in casuistry and not seek new reasons for confrontation, but seriously, take care not to “throw out with the bathwater”. Should preserve our, painstaking, experience twenty years of convergence,” the article reads Naryshkin.

In his opinion, it should be done for the welfare of Europe and all its peoples. “Not tire of saying to his European colleagues: stop looking for enemy where there is none, and look back where is the threat to fundamental human values,” – said Naryshkin. “At this time we simply must be together. Must not allow the dark forces to weaken our continent, yielding to someone’s unilateral plans and irrepressible thirst of enrichment,” urges the speaker of the state Duma.

The Europeans will not forgive their leaders for the losses from sanctions

“Your two-faced policy of the West holds in the conditions when Russia for twenty years a member of the Council of Europe. And even the prosecution in its “annexation” of Crimea – despite the opinion of 97% of Crimeans who took advantage enshrined in the UN Charter right to self-determination – no longer works,” writes Naryshkin.

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According to him, “no such techniques are not smooth now blame Western politicians for a spin in the new, twenty-first century, the most brazen in the history of our relations propaganda spiral”. “We can hardly forget that we can. How will not forgive their leaders such outright lies and losses from the illegal sanctions of the European peoples themselves. I think they will remind them about the deception with the plans of building a greater Europe”, – said the speaker.

In the opinion of Naryshkin, the main failure is associated with “centrifugal tendencies inside the European Union itself, obviously perestanavlivaya with the weaning of sovereignty of its participants”. “And unhappy. Only one requirement in the UK to return powers to national parliaments says a lot,” said he.

The head of the chamber also added that “the result of two years of pointless confrontation – evident.” “It has weakened all the countries traditionally called civilized, and nationalism and terrorism almost everywhere looked up. And only the blind cannot see what is threatening democracy itself, and the main call her out widespread poverty and militant ignorance and bigotry”, says Naryshkin.