The SSF appreciated the scale of depression in mono

Almost 60% of residents of single-industry towns called socio-economic situation of their city or intolerable “tolerable hard”, according to the data of the sociological survey service of special communication and information FSO of Russia, held in December 2015. The results of the closed survey was able to find .

This value is an average based on the survey data 201 in the village, participated 55,6 thousand persons. The survey participants were asked to choose several answers to the question “What is in Your opinion the present socio-economic situation in the city where you live?”. How “favorable” it is estimated on average 3.9% of the respondents, as “normal, tolerant” — 31,3%. “Barely tolerable” she was named by 42.4% and as intolerable rate of 17.4%. Did not answer question 5% of respondents.

In a press-service FSO have not responded to the request , but the authenticity and the order of the data was confirmed by a source in the government. The spokesman said that he was aware of the survey and that the results of surveys of residents of single-industry towns every six months are sent to the Ministry. “This analyst is prepared to assign single-industry towns to the categories “red”, “yellow” or “green”, — explained the representative of Fund of development of monotowns. Earlier it was forbidden of Vnesheconombank Irina Makieva, which is leading a working group under the government on modernization of single-industry towns, in an interview with Bloomberg said that the group relies on data from FSO.

Only in Russia there are 319 single-industry towns, they are home to 14 million people. Only in 71 the city’s socio-economic situation “stable”, said Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev at the government meeting in the single-industry town of Usolye-Siberian in July 2015. For the year, starting in 2014, the number of single-industry towns, which are the crisis, has increased from 75 to 94, was admitted there the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev. “The tools that we zabaglione four years, will last for 20-30 of single-industry towns, 20-30 projects…” he warned.