Apple has filed a lawsuit against the Federal customs service

According to data published in the “Electronic justice”, 18 February the Russian representation of American company Apple (OOO “Apple Rus”) filed several lawsuits to Federal customs service (FCS).

Two lawsuits were filed in the Moscow Arbitration court in relation to the Central customs administration of the FCS. In addition, the company filed to the Arbitration court of the Moscow region statement “on recognition of decisions and actions (inaction) unlawful.” According to the “E-justice”, one of the participants of this case is Sheremetyevo customs.

The text of the statement and claims of the LLC “Apple Rus” in the system is not published.

Lawsuits have been filed in a few weeks once in late January, the newspaper “Kommersant” reported that FCS has equated “smart” watches from Apple, Samsung, LG and Sony to a conventional wristwatch. When Apple started importing their “smart” watch Apple Watch, they were classified as a wireless device for receiving and transmitting data, the import of which provides zero duty. What “smart” watches were made equal to ordinary, allowed to impose their duties. According to the publication, this decision has led to the fact that the Apple Watch before the New year went up by about 15%.

After the decision of the customs officers Association of trading companies and manufacturers of electrical household and computer technics (RATEK) has written to the Deputy head of Federal customs service Tatiana Galendeev a letter in which he stated that “the current situation is not helping improve the image of the Russian customs service and promotion of Russia in the world Bank Doing Business”.

TCF insisted on his innocence and appealed to the Eurasian economic Commission with a request to consider the classification of “smart” hours, that rule was unified for all countries of the EEU, wrote Kommersant.