Bloomberg included founder of World of Tanks in the number of billionaires

Bloomberg included founder of World of Tanks in the number of billionaires

The condition 39-year-old Victor Kislyi, the founder of the game World of Tanks, has exceeded $1 billion, writes Bloomberg with reference to its own billionaire index (Bloomberg Billionaires Index). The total cost of Wargaming, in our assessment, is about $1.5 billion.

Itself Acid the calculations of the Bloomberg Billionaires Index compilers refused to comment, insisting that he never tried to count their money, and the lifestyle is a “very modest”. In conversation with the correspondent Bloomberg the company’s founder, in game projects which registered more than 100 million people, assured that Wargaming does not intend to stop there.

“We need to create a pipeline for producing high-quality games. Our company intends to master all the big markets. If there are a billion microwave ovens with joysticks, on which you can play games, we will create a program for them,” said Sour.

By estimates of Bloomberg, the total Wargaming revenue in 2015 amounted to approximately $590 million.

The company Wargaming currently includes more than 4 thousand employees and offices in 10 different countries — Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Cyprus, USA, France, South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Japan, and Taiwan.

Since 2010, the main “hit” is tank simulator World of Tanks, recently in the “tank battle” can be played not only on PC but also on smartphones and game consoles. In addition, fans of naval warfare available World of Warships, and fans of the air battles of World of Warplanes. In 2013, Wargaming has acquired the rights to the cult brand and Master of Orion in 2015, announced the release of updated space strategy Master of Orion.

The company, which was later renamed Wargaming was founded in 1998 graduated from the Belarusian state University Viktor Acidic. In 2010, Wargaming has released a multiplayer online game World of Tanks. The company owns a 20.3% stake in Bank of Cyprus Hellenic.