Media reported about the plans of Putin’s adviser on economy to compete for the state Duma

As reports TV channel “Rain” with reference to sources close to the presidential administration, Sergei Glazyev can go on elections to the State Duma the leader of the electoral list of “homeland.” Bureau member of the party Presidium Fedor Biryukov said that the economist “has long been called a defendant in the top three of the list”.

According to the channel, Glazyev will participate in the creation of an economic program “homeland.” In particular he will offer to include the idea of introducing state planning. It is about rethinking the ideas of the state plan and the experience of the Soviet five-year plans. The interlocutors of “Rain” believes that the arrival of Glazyev’s going to let me take part of the economic agenda from the Communist party and pull in her voice. Agree with this and the Communists themselves. State Duma Deputy from the Communist party Valery Rashkin said that the views of Glazyev on 80% coincides with the position of his party.

The final decision on the electoral list of “homeland” will be adopted at the party Congress, which will take place in late may.

Sergey Glazyev in 1992-1993 headed the Ministry of foreign economic relations of Russia. Later he was elected to the State Duma from the Democratic party of Russia, the Communist party and the Motherland bloc, which was then headed by Dmitry Rogozin. In 2004, Glazyev ran for President of Russia, took the third place. Advisor to President Putin, he became in 2012 which focused on issues of Eurasian integration.