S7 thinking about buying Bulgarian airlines for flying over Ukraine

S7 Airlines shareholders considering participation in the capital of one of the airlines Bulgaria fly from Moscow to Europe via Ukraine. This was reported to journalists on Thursday, February 25, co-owner S7 Natalia Fileva.

“Yes, we ship to Bulgaria [the documents for the registration or acquisition of a local airline], — quotes its words “RIA Novosti”. “Ukraine was closed, and in Bulgaria it is impossible to fly, since we have this [bypass] fly”, she added.

Fileva noted that in the market there are several Bulgarian companies, which are sold. However, according to her, they offer for a price higher than the actual.

“I have to cross Ukraine, we do not know when they [Moscow and Kiev] agree [on resumption of air service] — said Fileva.

Currently transit flights for Russian airlines over the territory of Ukraine is prohibited. The ban was introduced by the Ukrainian authorities in November last year. The ban has been without exception, all Russian carriers. The Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine has explained that introduction of these measures, including “systematic violations of flight rules and procedures of the use of airspace of Ukraine” on the part of companies from Russia. The ban “has the goal to prevent any possible provocations in the airspace of Ukraine”, noted the Minister.

From 25 October between Russia and Ukraine operates a mutual ban on flights between the two countries.

Representative S7 has not yet responded to the request .