The Lithuanian opposition has offered to name a street of Vilnius to honor Nemtsov

With a proposal to perpetuate the memory of Nemtsov in the Lithuanian capital made by the head of the homeland Union Mykolas of Majauskas. His position, he explained that Russian politician was “a true friend of Lithuania”, which “gave the belief that Russia can choose the path of democracy”, the newspaper “Lithuanian courier”.

According to Majauskas, “cynical murder” of Nemtsov showed that “Russia is not ready for democracy”.

Lithuanian politician added that to perpetuate the memory of Nemtsov also intend Kiev and Warsaw.

“Homeland Union” – the conservative party. In the Lithuanian Parliament her faction is the second largest and the largest of the opposition.

Boris Nemtsov was gunned down on February 27 last year. The investigation considers the former fighter of a battalion “the North” Zaur Dadaeva. Immediately after the arrest Dadaev confessed to the murder of Nemtsov, but soon recanted, saying he gave them under torture.

On February 24, the newspaper first published photograph of an officer of the battalion “North” Ruslan Eremeev, which the relatives of Boris Nemtsov is considered the real organizer of the assassination on policy.

According to another source familiar with the investigation, in July 2015 the investigators prepared a project on the correspondence of charges and Eremeeva Muhudinov, but the document is not approved, the Chairman of the RCDS Alexander Bastrykin, finding that it does not have enough evidence. As he did in September. Information about Bastrykin two unsigned orders was confirmed by another source close to law enforcement.