Kadyrov said that his time as head of Chechnya has passed

Kadyrov said that his time as head of Chechnya has passed

MOSCOW, February 27. The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov said on NTV that his time as the head of region has passed.

“My time has already passed,” – he said , adding that the name of a possible successor can not be called.

Previously Kadyrov has already stated that he considers his mission as the head of the Chechnya made.

If Kadyrov wants to continue? I don’t want. Now other times with economic, social points of view. We have a team of more professional people. I think I did my duty. The people who lead us, checking, looking, balance, – they know better what is needed for further development, in order not to stop the development. Have a team that has the President of the country. All the will of Allah. I’m a marine. If I say continue to serve – I will serve, if “good bye” – goodbye”

Ramzan Kadyrov

The powers of Kadyrov expire in early April. Elections of the head of Chechnya will be held in the Republic in a single day of voting – September 18, 2016. Ramzan Kadyrov has headed the region since 2007.

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