The Ministry of energy of Turkey announced the suspension of work of the pipeline “Ceyhan”

The Turkish Ministry noted that on 25 February, the militants of the Kurdistan workers ‘ party staged an explosion on the pipeline in the province of shirnak. The attack resulted in ignition of the oil occurred, but two pipes were damaged, resulting in delivery of Iraqi Kurdistan has been temporarily suspended. In Ankara suggest that the restoration of pipeline could take several days, reports Reuters.

The pipeline to Ceyhan daily can transport about 600 thousand barrels. In the last month his work several times pristavlyali for security reasons, indicate the Turkish authorities.

Earlier, the Reuters sources in the Turkish intelligence agencies reported that they have found several explosive devices on the pipeline and defuse them.

In South-East Turkey sent extra police and special forces, and drones, which should reveal the location of activists of the Kurdistan workers party.

It is rebels of the PKK, the Turkish authorities accused of organizing the terrorist attack in Ankara, which killed 28 people. As stated by the head of the Turkish government Ahmet Davuoglu, in the preparation of the attack was attended by the Kurdish “people’s defence Units”, operating in Syria. The representative of the latter categorically denied any involvement of Syrian Kurds to the terrorist attack.