Yavlinsky: Yabloko is not planning to unite with the “Parnassus”

Yavlinsky: Yabloko is not planning to unite with the “Parnassus”

MOSCOW, February 27. Founder and head of the Federal political Committee of the Yabloko Grigory Yavlinsky hinted that the party has no plans to unite with the party “Parnassus”.

Answering the question about how it relates to the proposal of the leader of Parnas Mikhail Kasyanov about the Union of parties, Yavlinsky said, “No way. We have studied, and answer the President (“Apple” Emilia Slabunov) gave”.

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Earlier Kasyanov first offered “the Apple” to conclude an Alliance, and then remotely via the social network Facebook is to unite the party. According to Kasyanov, “from a legal point of view, the proposal for three at our disposal (before the official start of the election campaign – ed.) month is quite realizable”. In addition, the “Novaya Gazeta” a petition signed by writers, actors, human rights activists, who called for “Parnassus” and “the Apple” “to go on elections one cohesive unit”.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman of Yabloko Sergey Ivanenko has declared that the proposal Kasyanov “a lot”. “The procedure for creating a new legal entity for six months before the Duma elections in doubt. This could jeopardize the participation in the elections”, – he explained.

On February 27 at the Congress of the “Yabloko” Emilia Slabunov recalled that “acts of the coalition proposal, it is announced”.

The coalition proposal is “Apple” does not provide for a Union of parties, but it allowed for the nomination of candidates from the “Yabloko” subject to the signing of the political Memorandum of the applicant and obligations on his part to support the candidacy of Grigory Yavlinsky at the time of nomination at the elections of the President of Russia in 2018.