In social networks launched a campaign in support of Kadyrov with the hashtag #Rosenarcade

Chairman of the Union of Chechen youth Rustam Tapew said in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” that in connection with the prohibition of Ramzan Kadyrov to organize rallies in his support, the campaign against care Kadyrov as head of the Republic has launched on social networks.

It is held under the hashtag #Ramzanali, he is already out of the top 10 topical issues in Russian Twitter. In Insragram joined more than 3 thousand people, said the radio station.

“Once the head of the Republic said not to do meetings, certainly, no one will do, but still such an action on the Internet, is gaining momentum. In any case, it is designed to show Ramzan Kadyrov that really support him and the inhabitants of the Republic, and residents across the rest of Russia”, — said Chapaev.

Yesterday, 27 February, Kadyrov said that he had reached “the peak” as the head of the Chechen Republic, and added that his time has passed. “I didn’t use my name against my people, I believe that the leaders of the state need to find another man”, — said Kadyrov.

To the statement of the head of Chechnya responded by the speaker of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic Magomed Daudov. He has published in his Instagram appeal to Kadyrov. “People will not understand you if you leave now! We can’t let you go! We, the long-suffering people, do not believe that the time has come for my departure. Consider this an ultimatum! I ask all who agree with this to repost the publication,” he wrote. Later Kadyrov urged not to arrange meetings in its support, and stressed that “do not cling to power”.

The term of office of Kadyrov as head of Chechnya will expire on 5 April 2016. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov on February 24, called it premature to discuss further the fate of Kadyrov.

Kadyrov has not excluded that can leave the post of head of the Republic. February 23, in an interview to RSN, he said that he didn’t want to stay at the head of the Republic. “If Kadyrov wants to continue? I don’t want. Now other times with economic, social points of view. We have a team of more professional people. I think I did my duty. <…> I’m an infantryman. If I say continue to serve — I will serve, if you come goodbye — goodbye”, — said Kadyrov.

Earlier, in January, in social networks have already passed the action in support of Kadyrov entitled “Ramzan Kadyrov — the pride of Russia”. The action was called Otpor “information aggression” on the part of non-systemic opposition. In particular, in support of Kadyrov was made by Director Fedor Bondarchuk and singer Nikolay Baskov.

On January 22, in Grozny, a rally was held in support of the head of Chechnya. The authorities of the Republic said that the rally involved about a million people, but later the regional interior Ministry reported about 800 thousand participants. Kadyrov himself at the rally did not appear.