The Syrian opposition has accused Moscow of violating the ceasefire

The opposition Syrian Higher Committee on negotiations (CPSU) has accused the troops of President Bashar al-Assad and his supporters, including Russia, in violation of the ceasefire. About it reports Reuters with reference to the letter to the UN Secretary General ban Ki-moon.

“We regret to inform You that hostile actions, which makes Russia, Iran, the Syrian regime, foreign armed forces and allied mercenaries against the Syrian people has not ceased, despite the entry into force of the ceasefire from the 27th of February”, — said in the letter, the text of which is available at the disposal of “Interfax”.

The opposition in the letter stated that violations could undermine international efforts to secure a truce that would lead to the collapse of the political process, endorsed by the UN.”

The letter also stated that the Russian VKS 28 February launched 26 attacks on districts controlled by opposition groups that agreed to a truce. Seven more attacks on the residential areas has caused the Syrian air force. In both cases, this has led to victims among the civilian population.