The court refused to release the former head of “RUSNANO” from house arrest

Basmanny court of capital on Monday extended for another three months, until June 11, the house arrest of ex-head of “RUSNANO” Leonid Melamed, the correspondent from a court hall.

Judge Elena Lenskaya refused to release the businessman on bail of 100 million rubles, and also replace the place of detention of the businessman the apartment on Leninsky Prospekt in a private house in the village of Serebryany Bor.

But the court preserved the right of the Melamed to make daily three-hour walks in the yard.

Three requests of lawyers

At the court session the Melamed arrived in the company of relatives and three professional lawyers. Very quiet, almost all the session of the court he read an e-book.

In the first the court was made by the investigator and the Prosecutor. Together they asked the judge to leave the businessman under house arrest.

“The investigation has sufficient operational data that, once free, Melamed may try to hide on the territory of Russia or behind its limits, or uses their personal connections to impede the investigation,” led standard arguments of the investigator.

It was supported by the Prosecutor. “The petition of the investigator lawful, justified and subject to satisfaction”, — brought it up to judge the position of the Supervisory authority.

The businessman was very brief. “This case is from 2013, I never impeded the investigation. I have no complaints and for the time that I am under house arrest,” was made by the Melamed.

Then took the floor to his lawyer Ruslan the Peel. He insisted that the new petition of the investigation on the extension of house arrest word for word copy of the previous one. The investigator has not brought any new argument, and all statements that Melamed could abscond or hinder the investigation is unfounded and has no basis in fact, pointed out by the defender.

During these eight months, Melamed spent on Leninsky Prospekt, a businessman exacerbated chronic illnesses, insisted Peel. “He can’t fulfill the recommendations of doctors and get necessary medical help,” insisted the lawyer.

Peel requested to cancel the house arrest and to release the businessman on bail of 100 million rubles, or change the address of house arrest in a private house in the settlement of Serebryany Bor, where Melamed with his family lived before his arrest.

The peel is also recalled that Melamed has listed 227 million rubles to a special account to repay damages in the case, despite the fact that the Corporation “Rosnano” does not recognize the existence of harm. On this account a court decision was arrested. In turn, the lawyer Vladimir Pankratov asked the Melamed to communicate with his subordinates in the company CJSC “Composite” in which the businessman is a Director.

History matters

The investigation accused Melamed of embezzling 220 million rubles to the state Corporation “RUSNANO” (part 4 of article 160 of the criminal code).

Under the version of Investigatory Committee, in 2007 and 2009 Melamed organized contracts “RUSNANO” investment-financial Corporation “Alemar” (CJSC “IFC “Alemar”), the co-owner of which he also was. The contract involves the provision of company consultancy services at a cost of 220 million rubles.

In the implementation of this scheme, according to investigators, the Melamed, his Deputy Andrey Malyshev and chief financial officer Svyatoslav Ponurov.

Now Ponurov also arrested and is in jail, and the kid wanted.

The Melamed guilt does not recognize. “I think the arguments of the investigation do not correspond to reality and is willing to assist the investigation in establishing the truth”, he had at the first court hearing in July 2015. Melamed insisted that neither he nor Malyshev, nor Ponurov could not initiate a contract which is imputed to them as theft. “At that time I no longer worked at the Corporation, it was not the level or Ponurova Malyshev”, — insisted and Melamed argued that Ponurova he generally had a bad relationship.