The interior Ministry was asked to allocate $400 thousand to send their employees to Interpol

In severe climatic conditions

The interior Ministry requires a $393,6 thousand to send two representatives of the office to the Interpol General Secretariat located in Lyon, and one representative office in the international center for innovation Interpol in Singapore. The draft decree developed by the Ministry of internal Affairs published on the official Internet portal of legal information.

In subsequent years, costs will be reduced to $370,3 thousand In recalculation on roubles of expenses to 21.7 and 20.4 million rubles million rubles respectively. The calculation was made at the rate of 55 rubles to the dollar. “In the future, [the calculation] is to be defined taking into account the rate of the US dollar against the ruble”, — the document says.

The salary of a police official in Lyon will be nearly $5.8 thousand in a month, Singapore — $4.5 thousand, it is specified in the document. For about $900 they are entitled to as allowances for special conditions of service (in Singapore such as hard climatic conditions). For the representatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs also provides for “a moving allowance in the amount of 50% of the salary”, a reimbursement of baggage and compensation for the families of employees of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia who want to come in Lyon or Singapore.

“Provides for the granting of premises in the host country with an area of 75 square meters. The cost of renting a room in Lyon will be about $3 thousand per month, in Singapore — $4.5 thousand per month, or $126 thousand for the three representatives of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia in the Interpol”, — stated in the document.

The initial direction to the staff of the interior Ministry will cover the costs for accommodation in hotels to address the issue of rental housing, but for a period not exceeding 15 days, for $3 thousand for seconded in Lyon and a little more than $2.5 thousand for the employee, directed to Singapore.

Will be compensated and the costs of communication services. According to preliminary estimates, they will reach $2.7 thousand a year in France and $2.3 thousand in Singapore. Bank charges for cash withdrawals will cost the budget $1.5 thousand per person per year.

Need to influence decisions

Russia was admitted to Interpol in 1990. In 1991 in the structure of the Ministry of internal Affairs the National Bureau of Interpol, which cooperates with the General Secretariat of the organization. The Russian Bureau of Interpol has the discretion to request the announcement in the international search to the main office in Lyon.

Representatives from all 190 countries that belong to Interpol, are involved in the work of the General Assembly of the organization of the committees and Interpol. Russia periodically attended the meetings of the General Assembly of the organization, but due to the lack of their representatives did not participate in the work of the standing committees.

Now the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia only sends requests and participates in international projects and operations, said in the explanatory note to the decree. “This eliminates the possibility of influence on the decision of the questions connected with participation of state bodies of the Russian Federation in the activities of Interpol, as well as promotion in the organization of Russian anti-crime initiatives”, — stated in the explanatory note to the decree.

In recent years, the Interpol General Secretariat refused Russia’s request to declare the international wanted list of several people. For example, in 2013, Interpol was not declared wanted the head of the Fund Hermitage Capital of William Browder, and in February 2016, the Interpol has rejected a similar request by Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

In the Ministry of internal Affairs failed to timely respond to the request.