Head scientific center of “Gazprom” shortened working hours and wages

Head scientific center of “Gazprom” shortened working hours and wages

Moscow. On 29 February. Head scientific center of “Gazprom” LLC “Gazprom VNIIGAZ” from may 2016 puts all employees on a shortened five – hour working day, was reported by several sources in the industry.

Five hours a day Niyazova will work for six months – no longer on labour legislation. The team has already officially notified of the change. Disagree with innovations leave the only way is to resign, say sources.

However, the Institute has introduced a new system of calculation of wages, resulting in payments to employees reduced. Sources report that pay cuts – sometimes significant – were made in September. Also Niyazova didn’t wait for a traditional prize to the day of oilmen and gas workers, and with the New year has not been indexed salary by 7.4%, as the majority of the companies of group “Gazprom”.

The news Agency also say that a year ago the Institute was preparing a list for large-scale reductions (expected to cut hundreds of people, despite the fact that the company only employs around a thousand), but these plans were not implemented.

Among the numerous problems of the Institute one of the interlocutors of the Agency named strong inflation of administrative bureaucracy. On the other hand, in recent years has decreased the quality of work performed. In the end hurt the competitiveness of “VNIIGAZ” in terms of price and quality. The new leadership Institute found a pretty radical way of improving the financial situation – all translated into reduced working hours, the source suggested.

“VNIIGAZ” now headed by Dmitry Lugano. In 2012 he moved from the post of Deputy Director of the “VNIIGAZ” science for the post of head of Department of perspective development of “Gazprom”. However, in 2015 Gazprom has appointed a new strategist – Oleg Aksyutina, and Lugano has returned to the Institute, already the Director General.

In “Gazprom” have long discussed the idea of consolidating the research activities in the framework of a single structure with conditional formation “Gazprom science” (a similar process in the project unit has been created, the group “Gazprom engineering”). The consolidation center gas research Institute presumably was called “VNIIGAZ”. However, this consolidation has not happened, and the General Director of another Institute – “NIIgazeconomika” Nikolai Kislenko has strengthened its position, becoming even and the Deputy chief of Department of perspective development of “Gazprom”.