Arbitration court HMAO has stopped business about bankruptcy of UTair because of a debt of 173 million rubles

Arbitration court HMAO has stopped business about bankruptcy of UTair because of a debt of 173 million rubles

EKATERINBURG, March 2. The arbitration court of Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug – Yugra (KHMAO-Yugra) dismissed a claim in bankruptcy against the airline UTair. This was reported in court.

The applicant was made by the company “Pallada” managing pension savings and reserves of NPFs number, and “Non-governmental pension Fund of Metallurgists”.

“Proceedings terminated”, – said in court, without specifying details.

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The new claim about bankruptcy of UTair because of a debt of 173 million rubles filed in the court of KHMAO

The bankruptcy petition was filed in court on 29 January and debtors in 134 UTair and 39 million rubles. Earlier the arbitration court HMAO has suspended production on the claim about bankruptcy of the subsidiary company UTair – “UTair-Finance”, the applicant, which was also made by the company “Pallada”.

The company UTair, caught up with the end of 2014 in a difficult financial situation during the crisis in the industry during the year were not only able to negotiate with major creditor banks on debt restructuring and to avoid bankruptcy. The case of the bankruptcy of the airline was terminated in November 2015 after the last of the creditors (the Bank) has withdrawn the statement in connection with the extrajudicial settlement of the dispute. Others who wish to bankrupt the airline then was not.

Other claims for the bankruptcy of UTair

The first claims for the recognition of UTair bankrupt began to come to the court in December 2014. The case began with the claim of the Perm company “aircraft leasing” because of a debt of 3,55 million rubles. In January 2015 in the bankruptcy case entered the airline “Royal Flight” because of the debt of 1.5 million rubles, but then lost the right to claim the debt of the company “Finasta”, and she, in turn, the company “Capital trust”. During the year the case entered several creditors. The largest of these was Alfa-Bank, but in may the credit institution has withdrawn lawsuits filed. The company agreed to debt restructuring.

Earlier it was reported that UTair has completed the refinancing of its debt portfolio. The deal is structured in two syndicated loans with a total volume of 42.6 billion and two bond issues of a total nominal volume of about 13.3 billion rubles maturing in 7 and 12 years. Loans with maturities of 7 and 12 are secured by guarantees from companies “UTair-Helicopter services” and “UTair-Leasing”, as well as a single pool of collateral assets companies of UTair group. Seven-year syndicated loan secured with a guarantee from the Russian government 50% of the loan amount.

Earlier, the government approved state guarantees for UTair at $ 9 billion 463 million rubles on a loan of up to 18.9 billion rubles. At the end of June debt UTair under RAS amounted to 86.3 billion rubles (excluding bonds for 14.5 billion roubles). In the first half of 2015, the airline incurred a loss in the amount of 3.5 billion rubles against a profit of 5.47 million rubles a year earlier.