ExxonMobil wants to resume drilling in the Russian Federation in case of cancellation of sanctions

NEW YORK, March 2. The American company ExxonMobil wants to resume drilling on the Arctic shelf of Russia, and also in the Black sea in case of lifting of sanctions. About this stated the head of Exxon Rex Tillerson at a meeting with analysts, according to Bloomberg.

“Exxon is looking forward to opportunities to return to work in Russia,” he said.

Exxon Mobil due to the imposed against Russia sanctions have turned nine out of ten joint projects with Rosneft, including exploration and potential production on the shelf of the Black sea, in the Arctic and in Western Siberia. According to the financial report, the company estimates the losses from sanctions amount to $1 billion.

In particular, under the sanctions hit the company’s cooperation with Rosneft on exploration in the Kara sea, where in 2014 new Deposit was discovered “Pobeda”, with reserves of 130 mln tons of oil and 499,2 billion cubic meters of gas.

Earlier “Rosneft” and ExxonMobil signed a number of agreements providing for the joint work on the shelf of the Kara sea, Chukchi sea, Laptev sea, the Black sea, as well as programs of experimental work for the purposes of assessing and determining the technical feasibility of developing the reserves, deposits or hydrocarbon accumulations of the Achimov and Bazhenov deposits in Western Siberia. In addition, jointly with Rosneft, Exxon planned to implement the project on construction of LNG plant on Sakhalin (“far Eastern LNG”).

The American company is also a partner of “Rosneft” under the project “Sakhalin-1”.