Putin Trutnev gave the book Vysotsky with a hint of the talks, Vice-Premier in Davos

Putin Trutnev gave the book Vysotsky with a hint of the talks, Vice-Premier in Davos

MOSCOW, March 2. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin presented to the envoy – Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Trutnev, who noted Tuesday birthday, released self-published book of Vladimir Vysotsky. Original gift Putin reminded about the hard discussions Trutnev during the Davos forum with the leadership of NATO and Ukraine.

Then some media reported that Trutnev, who headed the Russian delegation at the world economic forum, was forced to defend Moscow’s position in response to statements by the leaders of NATO countries and Ukraine. Some publications even reported that the Deputy Prime Minister during the dispute, stood up, objecting to the unbelievers, from his point of view, accusations that it allowed journalists to talk almost about melee. But the envoy later denied such speculation, confirming that indeed the discussion was hard.

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Putin joked that Trutnev careful to hold discussions with foreign partners

After that, at a meeting with members of the government Putin jokingly Trutnev has advised to be careful in the discussions. “…I bared biceps inadvertently, even made to be sure the jacket…” That Vysotsky is not about you singing?” – with a smile asked the President by the authorized representative.

Putin cited the words of Vysotsky’s songs “Honor of the chess crown”. Her character is inexperienced in the game of chess, talks about the encounter with the world renowned grandmaster Robert Fischer. In the finale of the party declared him the Shah, and he resorted to those measures and recalled Putin. As a result, says the author, “the much-vaunted notorious Fisher immediately agreed on a draw”.

On Wednesday, the President continued the same theme. “We got a self-published thing of Vladimir Vysotsky”, – he said. “Here these words: “…I Bared biceps inadvertently, even made to be sure the jacket… In the hall became silent… He noticed that I stood up…” – quoted the President, thumbing through the book. “You, in my opinion, got stood up?”- he said Trutnev.

Gifts with meaning

The President usually gives gifts with meaning. So, the Minister of sport Vitaly Mutko, who demonstrated the original knowledge of the English language, the President presented the Russian-English PhraseBook, actress Alisa Freundlich, who played in the movie “Straw hat”, is a matching hat.

And actor Gennady Khazanov, who became famous thanks to a number of culinary technical school, received the President’s cookbook. The head of the accounting chamber Tatyana Golikova birthday President gave Gogol’s “the Inspector General”, 1936 edition.

Earlier Putin signed a decree awarding Yury Trutnev with the order “For merits before Fatherland” IV degree. The decree reads that the award is given “for outstanding merits before the state and many years of diligent work”.

Trutnev on Tuesday was 60 years old.