“Rosneft” wants to export gas through a trader “Gazprom”

“Rosneft” wants to export gas through a trader “Gazprom”

NOVATEK, according to a statement by the press Secretary of “Rosneft” Mikhail Leontiev, received the right to export gas to Europe via the trader “Gazprom” – “Gazprom export”. The company “Rosneft” wants to receive the right to export under the same conditions, he said.

MOSCOW, 2 Mar. “Rosneft” wants to receive the right to export gas via Gazprom under the same conditions as that of NOVATEK; in the company wondering why such a right has not received “Rosneft”, which has repeatedly appealed to such requests, said the press-Secretary of Rosneft Mikhail Leontyev.

NOVATEK asks permission to export gas to Europe via the trader “Gazprom” — “Gazprom export”, wrote in a Wednesday newspaper “Vedomosti” with reference to the letter of the Minister of energy Alexander Novak, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. So, according to the newspaper, in a letter dated February 18 States that the Ministry considered the appeal of NOVATEK on gas supply for export to Europe through “Gazprom export” “preserving the principle of a single export channel”.

“NOVATEK has obtained the right, not requests. Everybody’s asking, and we asked a lot of times it’s trite. NOVATEK got it right, and in this sensation, in fact this is a breakthrough in General, in a monopoly. Of course, within a single export channel, which is quite reasonable. It is important that they were able to sell out your own gas, and not to sell it to “Gazprom”, “Gazprom” has sold it himself, as it was practiced. That’s the main thing. Us jealous, actually. We don’t quite understand why we, the state-owned company and one of the largest gas producers, and so discriminate against us,” — said Leontiev.

As stated earlier on Wednesday the press-Secretary of the head of state, Dmitry Peskov, no final decisions on the application of NOVATEK to export gas to Europe via the trader “Gazprom” in the Kremlin were not accepted. In the energy Ministry does not comment on the situation.

“We have repeatedly and on different occasions addressed, both at the level of a systemic solution of the issue and in specific cases, on Sakhalin, for example. We were rejected from “Gazprom”, — said Leontiev.

The representative of Rosneft said that the company is interested globally to resolve the issue of gas export. “We have an old argument (with Gazprom on acquisition of gas — ed.) on Sakhalin, we have a Memorandum with BP, signed that they want us to buy gas, but there was involved the question of how to do it. There are many different opportunities of monetization of gas, including exports, but so far, not received, and NOVATEK received,” — said Leontiev.