The mayor of nice in may will visit Crimea for the signing of the cooperation agreement with Yalta

The mayor of nice in may will visit Crimea for the signing of the cooperation agreement with Yalta

SIMFEROPOL, March 2. /Corr. Elena Bogdanovich/. The mayor of nice Christian Estrosi intends to visit Crimea in may with a view to signing cooperation agreements with Yalta. The trip will be the answer to the visit of the delegation from Yalta to nice. About it the correspondent of TASS said the head of the administration of Yalta Andrew Rostenko, who visited France.

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“Agreement on the return visit of the mayor of nice in the Crimea, in Yalta, with a view to signing cooperation agreements. Estimated date – second half of may, but she adjusted,” said Rostenko.

The delegation from Yalta was located in nice from 26 February to 1 March. As explained Rostenko, the Crimean delegation arrived in France at the invitation of Estrosi for the signing of the “Memorandum on further continuation of friendly relations between the cities, according to the agreement, which was signed in 1960”.

The status of Crimea as part of Russia, officially recognized two countries: Abkhazia and Nicaragua. Unofficially on the Peninsula for a year and a half after its entry into the Russian Federation has visited more than a dozen foreign delegations. The beginning of a breakthrough “political blockade” of the Crimea marked the visit of the members of the French Parliament led by Thierry Mariani. Deputies met with rukovodstvom of the Republic, visited the facilities and talked with ordinary people.

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11 September 2015 at the invitation of the President of the Russian Federation in Crimea with a private visit by former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. After that, the leader of the Italian party “Northern League” Matteo Salvini confirmed the intention to visit the Peninsula for the second time.

The leader of the Japanese socio-political organization “Isshiki” Mitsuhiro Kimura after the annexation of Crimea to the Russian Federation visited the Peninsula four times. At his suggestion in Japan created a cultural center where you can learn more about Crimea and its residents. Such organization that provides the Crimea with the culture of Japan, decided to establish on the Peninsula.